Google commits to sustainability and erasing its carbon footprint

Sep 15, 2020

Tech giant Google will develop tools to help datacentre managers measure and reduce the company’s carbon footprint By Cliff Saran, Managing Editor Published: 14 Sep 2020 16:15 Following on from Microsoft’s decision to undo its carbon footprint, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced the company’s sustainability commitments. Pichai said the company will be eliminating its… […]

Google Doodle honors civil rights pioneer Felicitas Mendez for Hispanic Heritage Month

Sep 15, 2020

Felicitas Mendez was instrumental in desegregating U.S. public schools. Image: Emily Barrera / Google By Amanda Yeo2020-09-15 04:00:00 UTC National Hispanic Heritage Month begins in the U.S. on September 15, celebrating the history, culture, heritage, and achievements of Hispanic and Latino Americans. To mark the occasion, Google is releasing a Google Doodle honoring Felicitas Mendez,… […]

Google Maps Returns to Apple Watch Following the Latest App Update

Sep 14, 2020

GoogleGoogle recently announced that Google Maps is returning to watchOS after disappearing from the platform in 2017. Now Maps for Apple Watch is rolling out through a new app update, although it’s missing some of the standard watchOS features you get with Apple Maps. Once you select a destination through the Google Maps app on… […]

Google is changing how Search works ahead of Election Day 2020

Sep 11, 2020

Google Search is blocking some autocomplete suggestions that could contain misinformation and impact the November election. Blocking these autocomplete queries won’t prevent a user from completing the full search they want. However, a Google executive said Thursday that this change could inadvertently block “benign” search queries from being shown via autocomplete. Long a favorite target… […]

Google Maps will soon get the feature you’ve been waiting for

Sep 4, 2020

Google Maps is about to get a feature that many users have wanted for years, app-wide dark mode support. A teardown of the Android version of the app revealed code that will allow users to switch between default, light, and dark modes inside the app. The new setting applies to the entire app, not just… […]

How to Use Live Captions on a Google Pixel Phone

Aug 25, 2020

GoogleLive Caption automatically adds captions for any audio playing on your phone, which can be incredibly useful in many situations. We’ll show you how to use it on any Google Pixel smartphone, including the Pixel 2 or newer. At this writing, the Live Caption feature only supports English, but it works with videos, podcasts, phone and… […]

The Google Pixel 5 could finally give fans what they’ve always wanted

Aug 24, 2020

The Google Pixel 5 is expected to launch in October, and details of the phone have now surfaced. While there’s not much that isn’t known at this point, one particular bit of information will likely gladden the hearts of expectant fans.According to a new report by Android Central, the Google Pixel 5 will feature an… […]

Google launches Kormo app in India to help people find entry-level jobs

Aug 19, 2020

Google said on Wednesday it has expanded its jobs app, called Kormo Jobs, to India as the Search giant looks to offer a helping hand to millions looking for entry-level roles and further displace Microsoft’s LinkedIn relevance in the world’s second largest internet market. The company first launched Kormo Jobs in Bangladesh in 2018 and… […]

Google Meet on Chromecast lets you use your large TV screen

Aug 19, 2020

It is probably no secret by now how much Google wants its nascent Meet service to become the de facto solution not just for meetings but for any video communication, including personal ones. It has been aggressively pushing Meet everywhere, including in places you might not expect or want it to be seen. Its latest… […]

Google Maps is about to get another major redesign

Aug 19, 2020

Google Maps has another set of new features for users, and this time we’re looking at a massive redesign of the actual maps. Google is adding more detail to its maps with a new color-mapping algorithm that uses information from satellite imagery to improve the rendering of natural features. Google isn’t just enhancing the natural… […]

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