Best Robotic Mowers



| May 6, 2024

A freshly cut lawn without lifting a finger—at least that’s the promise. These cutting-edge robot mowers stand out from the crowd. A decent robotic mower will free you from the hassle of constant supervision. Plus, they effortlessly integrate with your smart home setup for a seamless, stress-free experience. So why not enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn year-round without lifting a finger?

Navimow i105N Robotic Lawn Mower


We think the Navimow i105N is a smart buy for tech-savvy gardeners seeking a high-precision, wire-free lawn maintenance solution.

No perimeter wire needed, easy setup via appStruggles with weak GPS signals
Advanced obstacle detection for safetyMay require repositioning for optimal coverage
Quiet operation at just 58dB(A)In-app issues can complicate initial setup

Using the Navimow i105N gave us a glimpse into the future. One of the standout features was the absence of perimeter wires. Setting virtual boundaries was easy, as it only required a few taps on our smartphone. The AI mapping tool was impressive in its simplicity and accuracy, making it effortless to establish precise lawn boundaries.

The Robotic Lawn Mower’s obstacle detection system proved robust. During use, it successfully avoided garden toys and furniture without hassle. The silence while it operates is a remarkable improvement over the standard gas guzzlers – our weekend cookout went undisturbed.

One hiccup was the GPS signal, which appeared finicky in areas with poor reception. It is essential to have a strong and reliable signal for smooth and uninterrupted operation. Additionally, while the app intuitively controls the mowing patterns and schedules across multiple zones, initial setup sometimes required a touch of patience, but we managed just fine after familiarizing ourselves with the instructions.

Mammotion LUBA 2


For those seeking a high-tech, wire-free mowing solution, the Mammotion LUBA 2 is a robust option with impressive slope handling and smart features.

Manages complex terrains and steep slopes with ease.May occasionally get stuck, requiring manual intervention.
Requires no perimeter wires, facilitating easy setup.Initial setup could be laborious for some users.
Solar-powered and eco-friendly with smart app and voice control.Reports of inconsistent customer support quality.

Navigating through thick underbrush and overgrown grass, this mower tackled our challenging lawn without the fuss of setting up perimeter wires. Its all-wheel drive showed off by smoothly sailing over divots and inclines that would stymie other models. Personalizing each mowing session was a breeze using the responsive app, and the voice control feature integrated nicely into our smart home ecosystem.

The eco-friendly design of the LUBA 2, which taps into solar power, resonated with our sustainable approach towards lawn care. However, I noticed that it occasionally stalled in denser patches, which was slightly disappointing.

The GPS theft protection gave us peace of mind, a welcome feature not commonly found in other robotic mowers. Although we faced some challenges during the initial setup, once up and running, the benefits far outweighed the initial time investment.

LawnMaster OcuMow


We recommend the LawnMaster OcuMow for those who want a hassle-free and efficient mowing experience for small lawns.

Efficiently navigates and mows even under challenging light conditionsLimited to smaller 1000 square foot areas without additional batteries
Easily avoids obstacles, reducing the need for manual interventionSet-up requires a clear lawn edge to prevent the mower from straying
Grass clippings are small, feeding the lawn and eliminating wasteExtra battery for larger lawns sold separately

Having put the LawnMaster OcuMow through its paces, we’re impressed by its optical navigation technology. Mowing has almost become a set-and-forget task. It’s nice to see that it also dutifully returns to its job after navigating around garden gnomes and lawn chairs without a hitch.

Adjusting our lawn’s edges proved beneficial, as the mower didn’t wander beyond them, which meant less tidying up later. It’s refreshing not having to deal with the noise pollution typically associated with mowing.

Even though it’s a champ on our small patch of green, we noticed that extra batteries would be necessary for those with more ground to cover. Regardless, the LawnMaster has quickly become a valued member of our lawn-care routine.

Segway Navimow i110N


We’ve found that the Segway Navimow i110N strikes a fine balance between innovation and user-friendliness, making it a solid choice for hassle-free lawn maintenance.

No perimeter wires needed for setupRequires good GPS signal for optimal mapping
AI-assisted mapping for efficient mowingMay struggle with complex garden layouts initially
Detects multiple types of obstacles for safer operationAdditional costs for anti-theft tracking feature

Having recently tested the Segway Navimow i110N, we were immediately impressed by its wire-free setup, which was as straightforward as promised. We guided it around the yard with our smartphone, and the mower quickly learned its boundaries without the hassle of laying perimeter wires.

The AI-assisted mapping genuinely shined in daily operation. It smartly navigated around the lawn, adapting its route on the fly, ensuring every blade of grass was cut with precision. The time we saved not having to re-map or adjust its course manually was considerable.

Even more reassuring was the Navimow’s obstacle detection capabilities. It’s equipped to recognize a wide array of objects, which means fewer chances of it getting stuck or damaging something in its path. After several uses, it felt like the mower was just as familiar with our garden as we were.

Husqvarna 430XH Automower


For those seeking a meticulously kept lawn with minimal effort, we highly recommend this robotic mower.

Effortlessly integrates with smart home devicesInitial wire setup can be time-intensive
Quiet operation allows for any-time mowingHigher price point may not fit all budgets
Advanced navigation easily handles complex yardsPIN code requirement adds a step to startup

We’ve found the Husqvarna 430XH to be a real time-saver. Its ability to quietly and efficiently mow the lawn frees up our weekend for more enjoyable activities. The convenience of starting the mower through the app, even when away from home, gives us peace of mind that the lawn will look its best.

Although setting up the boundary wire took a good chunk of an afternoon, it was a one-time effort. Once in place, the Automower managed our half-acre flawlessly, even navigating the slopes and tight corners with precision.

Notably, the theft protection offers a sense of security. Knowing we can track the mower’s location at all times reassures us that our investment is protected. Despite the upfront cost, the quality of the cut and the hours we’ve regained make it a worthwhile purchase.

Worx Nitro Cordless Mower


We recommend this mower for those seeking a powerful, quiet, and low-maintenance lawn care solution.

Enhanced battery life with efficient power managementInitial battery charge time can be lengthy
Versatile 3-in-1 design for mulching, bagging, or side-dischargingMay struggle with exceptionally tall or wet grass
Advanced tech for consistent cutting and space-saving storageLimited to small and medium-sized lawns due to battery capacity

After several uses, we’ve grown to appreciate the balance of performance and convenience the Worx Nitro offers. Its brushless motor doesn’t just bring the power – it smartly adjusts to the grass’s thickness, saving battery when the going gets easy.

The swap from noisy, smelly gas mowers to this quiet beast was a breeze. Its 3-in-1 functionality lets us toggle between mulching, bagging, and discharging, adapting to our lawn’s needs on the fly.

Its compact fold-away design made storing a pleasure, not a puzzle. With the Worx Nitro, our weekends are less about the chore of lawn care and more about enjoying the results.

ACFARM 20V Robotic Mower


We believe this ACFARM model should be a consideration for your lawn care routine, due to its quiet operation and efficient mowing capabilities.

Quiet enough to run at night without disturbing the peaceOccasional guidance may be needed to optimize the boundary wire setup
Simple installation and app control enhance user convenienceLimited to smaller lawns up to a quarter-acre in size
Navigates challenging terrain and inclines with easeAnnual blade maintenance or replacement necessary

After a few weeks of use, we’ve noticed the standout efficiency. It trims across the yard with precision, thanks to its powerful brushless motor.

Setting up was a hassle-free process; the base station and perimeter wire were quite straightforward to install. Managing its schedule through the app has allowed us to spend our weekends at leisure, rather than behind a traditional mower.

Having some experience, we’ve observed that no stripes are left behind, and the machine requires minimal intervention, aside from the initial boundary setup and occasional check-ins for optimal performance.

MowMr Robotic Mower


If you’re seeking a hassle-free lawn maintenance solution, the MowMr Robotic Mower is a dependable choice that offers both precision and convenience.

Unmatched boundary break detection technologyRequires initial boundary setup
Efficient systematic mowing with smart navigationIntervention needed if mower leaves designated area
Automatic cutting adjustments for diverse lawn conditionsLimited to lawns up to 0.22 acres

Our experience with the MowMr Robotic Mower transformed lawn care into a leisurely pastime. Its advanced break detection saved us countless hours that we would’ve spent troubleshooting wire issues. Thanks to its intelligent route planning, we observed an even and thorough cut across the entire yard without having to lift a finger.

The integrated rain sensor’s responsiveness impressed us the most. Even in unpredictable weather, the mower knew exactly when to take shelter and resume work. This attention to detail reaffirmed our trust in its autonomous capabilities.

Nevertheless, setting up the initial boundary was a bit of a project. Once configured, watching the MowMr Robotic Mower do its thing was quite satisfying. Although it required occasional guidance back to the mowing area, these instances were rare. For households with medium-sized lawns, this mower could indeed be the smart upgrade your backyard deserves.

Husky Automower 115H


We believe the Husky Automower 115H is a solid choice for those seeking a quiet and intelligent lawn care solution for smaller green spaces.

Flawlessly mows on its own, perfect for busy homeownersInstallation can be time-consuming
Smart control via app enhances convenienceBoundary wire may be prone to breakage, requiring maintenance
Effective on complex lawn shapes and mild slopesPerformance can vary on diverse lawns

Mowing with the Husky Automower 115H feels like a glimpse into a hassle-free future. Whisper-quiet operation combined with smart technology means we can sit back while our lawn receives a precise trim. It’s especially handy navigating through intricate garden layouts.

Setting this autonomous mower up required some upfront effort. Although the idea of ‘set it and forget it’ is appealing, the initial wire laying demands patience. A weekend afternoon well spent, however, as subsequent lawn care is virtually hands-off.

Throughout the season, the Husky Automower 115H stood up to the elements, diligently manicuring our lawn regardless of the weather. Its sleek design could navigate through narrow passages, and the anti-theft alarm system kept it secure. Despite a couple of wire breakages, which we quickly fixed, the performance was consistently reliable.



We believe the SMONET RLM1000 is an excellent choice for effortless and smart lawn maintenance.

Efficient S-shaped path planning and coverageSetup can be time-consuming
Self-charging and rain detection for minimal interventionBoundary wire placement requires precision
App-controlled for convenient scheduling and monitoringOnly 1-year replacement warranty

After spending some time with the RLM1000, we’re impressed with its systematic navigation and thorough coverage. The S-shaped path technology ensures your lawn is evenly manicured, a feature we found to be noticeably superior compared to the random patterns of others.

The convenience of its self-charging capability and weather adaptation impressed us too. It’s a relief not having to worry about the mower during a surprise downpour, as it smartly suspends operation.

However, setting up the boundary wire took a bit of effort. Precision is key, which means you’ll need to dedicate some time initially, but it’s a one-time effort for ongoing benefits. Despite these minor hurdles, the user-friendly app control and reliable performance make the SMONET RLM1000 a robust tool for lawn care.

Buying Guide

Key Features

We consider several key features when choosing a robotic mower:

Cutting Width & HeightWidth determines how much grass is cut in one pass, and adjustable height allows for cutting precision.
Battery LifeLong battery life ensures larger areas can be mowed without frequent recharging.
Sensors & TechnologyLook for collision sensors and GPS for efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Terrain Compatibility

 Slope PerformanceOur mower must handle the specific incline of our lawn.
Terrain ManagementIt should be able to maneuver through rough patches and around garden features.

Ease of Use

ProgrammingEasy scheduling and programming options are crucial for hands-off lawn maintenance.
MaintenanceRobotic mowers should require minimal upkeep. Easy-to-replace blades and simple cleaning are favorable.