All Employees Quit the Burger King Restaurant and Left a Note to Customers

One of the Burger King restaurants in the US state of Nebraska lost all employees due to unacceptable working conditions. Reported by Fox 8.

The Lincoln townhouse employees quit their jobs in full and left a note of apology on the billboard. “We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience, ”reads the caption.

Former restaurant manager Rachael Flores claims that the temperature in the kitchen often climbed to 40 degrees, and when she was in the hospital with dehydration, the boss called her “weak.” In addition, the institution constantly lacked employees.

The nine remaining employees posted a message after informing management that they would quit in two weeks. “I thought no one would pay attention to it, but the caption has become very popular on Facebook,” Flores said.

She also said that after the ad appeared in front of the restaurant and became popular online, she was contacted by senior management and demanded to withdraw the appeal after the woman was fired before the expiration of the prescribed two weeks.

Earlier, one of the McDonald’s restaurants in the US state of California lost all workers in the middle of the working day and was forced to close. The restaurant staff left a note: “Everyone quit. We are closed”.