Two brothers with billions of dollars of bitcoin disappeared in Africa

In South Africa, two founding brothers of the cryptocurrency investment company Africrypt have disappeared, Bloomberg writes. Together with them, 69 thousand bitcoins worth $ 3.6 billion that belonged to customers disappeared.

A suspicious story preceded the disappearance of the brothers. In April, the eldest of the brothers and the head of Africrypt, Amir Kaji, announced that the company had been hacked but asked investors not to contact law enforcement agencies or lawyers, citing the fact that this would cause additional difficulties with the return of funds.

In the end, some investors turned to a law firm for help, which was able to establish that Africrypt employees had lost access to the software a week before the hack was announced.

The current whereabouts of the Kaji brothers have not been established. It is also impossible to trace the transactions with the withdrawn from the Africrypt accounts of bitcoins. An elite South African police unit was involved in the case.

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