5 Most expensive cars and their celebrity owners

We as a whole realize superstars are perched on mammoth measures of cash. While we can just dream of what their sumptuous lives may resemble, their vehicle assortments give us a knowledge of their lavishness. For the normal working-class vehicle purchaser, possessing a vehicle above $25,000 appears to be a huge cost. Notwithstanding, the most generously compensated big names purchase vehicles that effectively surpass a huge number of dollars — some of the time millions.

Superstar vehicles likewise offer knowledge into the personality of our #1 artists, entertainers and entertainers, and unscripted tv stars. Some incline toward the class of vintage vehicles while others favor lavishness and speed with vehicles arriving at above and beyond 200 miles each hour.

Here is a once-over of 5 of the most costly big-name vehicles, picked not only for causing your compensation to feel substandard, yet to give a vibe for how the world’s famous people communicate through their valued vehicles.

1 David Beckham – Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

Cost: $407,000

Over the previous decade, David Beckham has shot from specialty soccer notoriety to all-out big-name fame. With an assault of supports, the English genius has had the option to manage the cost of a great clique of extravagance vehicles. His smooth and lavish Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead is one of his most costly methods of transport because of various customizations and a bunch of Savini Forged Wheels.


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