5 Most Luxurious Celebrity Yachts

Perhaps the most costly yachts on the planet is the History Supreme—a $4.8 billion vessel produced using gold and offered to a Malaysian money manager in 2011, as per Business Insider—yet that is uncontrollably impossible for even the excessively rich, including Hollywood’s yacht-adoring world-class. While this persuasive gathering’s superyachts probably won’t be made of gold, they’re not very pitiful either, pressing everything from limitlessness pools to helipads. See with your own eyes as we visit the absolute most A-rundown yachts out there.


Diddy (genuine name Sean Combs) lives enormous with his loved ones onboard the Oasis, which supposedly includes a phase and artist floor for, you know, when his popular music buddies need to do some karaoke put on a show. At 162 feet, it’s no big surprise this superyacht needs a staff of at any rate 10 individuals to work for a decent time. Certainly, the revealed $72 million sticker price may have been difficult to accept, however, the rapper and investor is doing fine and dandy: In 2017, Diddy made an expected $130 million, acquiring him the best position on Forbes’ celebrated World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities list. Get a decent gander at the Oasis—and all the great Diddy has had on it! — in the video underneath.


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