All The Things I Learned From Dr Karl’s TikTok That I Never Learned In School

ICYMI: Dr Karl, the legendary Aussie scientist and loveable media personality, is now spreading the good word of science via his TikTok account.

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That’s right, boomers. There’s a place for you on TikTok too.

And let me tell you, I have absorbed more knowledge in my late-night scrolling sessions, than I did in 16 years of study in the Australian education system.

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^Me, after consuming another one of Dr Karl’s explanatory videos for the 84th time.

Don’t believe me? Well, wrap your meaty mind around some of these pearls of wisdom, courtesy of Dr Karl.

TikTok / Dr Karl

This man is honestly too precious for words. Campaign to make him prime minister in the next election.

So go forth and feed your big, beautiful brain with Dr Karl!

TikTok / Dr Karl

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