Bouncing off the Walls Wild Week puts a huge focus on mobility


Fortnite is entering into its third Wild Week which features Shockwave Grenades, Shockwave Bows, Hop Floppers, and Bounce Pads.


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Fortnite has just launched its third Wild Week event, and this time it puts a focus on mobility. The Bouncing off the Walls week defies gravity by making certain items appear more frequently.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games announced a new series of events called Wild Weeks. These events would focus on one of Fortnite’s mechanics and amplify it. That week’s Legendary challenges would then correlate with the theme of that week.

The first Wild Week put a focus on fire by making flammable weapons appear more often. After the fires died down, Wild Week 2 put an emphasis on fishing. Fishing holes spawned more frequently and rare fish were more likely to be caught. But now it’s time to leave the seas behind and take to the skies.

Bounce off the Walls perks & challenges

As the name of this Wild Week implies, players will be bouncing all over the place this week. Shockwave Grenades and Shockwave Bows will appear as loot and in chest more often. Players will be more likely to catch Hop Floppers while fishing. And Hop Floppers can even be found inside freezers.

Also, Bounce Pads have been unvaulted for a limited time. These items will allow players to traverse the map much quicker or allow them to gain the high ground in battle. They will also help when completing this week’s Legendary Quests.

This week, players will be challenged to see how long they can stay in the air. Using Hop Floppers or Shockwave Grenades, players will have to stay in the air for 100 seconds. Each time they spend an additional 100 seconds in the air, they will gain a large number of experience points. Staying in the air for a total of 500 seconds will reward the player with 133K experience points.

Reject gravity and get maximum air time with increased spawn rates of hop-inducing items to complete this week’s weekly Legendary Quest!

The Bouncing off the Walls Wild Week is live now.

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The Bouncing off the Walls Wild Week will last until May 27. Wild Weeks will then take a week off, and the final Wild Week will start on June 3. This will lead Season 6 to its end and on to Fortnite Season 7.


Fortnite is teaming up with the NBA to bring players The Crossover. Players can rep their favorite teams and compete for first place.


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May 19, 2021

Fortnite has launched its official collaboration event with the NBA. During the Fortnite x NBA The Crossover event, players can choose a team to rep and earn points for.

Epic Games announced NBA The Crossover earlier this morning in celebration of the upcoming playoff games. Players can choose from 30 NBA teams, purchase brand new basketball cosmetics, and complete tasks to earn points and rewards.

While some rewards can be earned by all players, there are certain prizes that only the winning team will receive. The third place team will earn 100 V-Bucks, second place will earn 300 V-Bucks, and first place will earn 500 V-Bucks and the NBA Championship Trophy Back Bling.

Earning NBA The Crossover points & rewards

First, players will need to visit to sign in and choose a team to rep. After this, they can start to earn points for their team. Each day at 12 a.m. EST, a new task will be unlocked that will earn 1,000 points for the player’s team once completed. The first task is to play for 24 minutes in regular solo, duos, trios, or squads mode.

There will be five challenge tasks with the last one unlocking on May 23. From May 22 to 23, players will also be able to complete repeatable tasks that will earn more points for their team. The team with the most points scored at the end of the event is the winner.

However, there are also rewards that players can earn without being one of the top three teams. The Spin Spray is unlocked once a player completes three of the NBA The Crossover daily tasks. If a player completes all five daily tasks, they will earn a basketball banner.

There are also six new NBA skins which feature all new character models. There are 31 different uniforms the skins can wear including all 30 of the NBA teams. The set also includes a Mini Hoop Back Bling and the Hookshot Emote. These can be used together to shoot and score on the go. Lastly, the Dribblin’ traversal Emote allows players to school their opponents on and off the court.


Fortnite Season 6’s second Wild Week is here and it puts a major emphasis on fishing. Grab a rob and gear up for the Fish Fiesta.


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May 13, 2021

Fortnite Season 6’s second Wild Week has started, and it’s putting a huge emphasis on fishing. Fishing can be a great way to get healing items and weapons, and the Fish Fiesta Wild Week will make it easier than ever.

The first Wild Week started during Season 6 week 8. It put a heavy emphasis on flammable weaponry and introduced the Flare Gun back into the loot pool. While also challenging players to destroy hundreds of structures with fire, it also forced players to use hard mats over wood.

Now, wild week two is here and it’s not nearly as destructive. The Flare Gun has been removed, Flame Bows aren’t as prevalent, and Firefly Jars have been taken out of chests. On the surface, Fish Fiesta Wild Week might seem tame compared to last week. However, the buffs to fishing will change how Fortnite is played for the next week.

Fish Fiesta Wild Week bonuses

The Fish Fiesta Wild Week makes several changes to emphasize fishing. The first is increasing the Fishing Spot spawn rate making them more prevalent. Fishing spots also have a minimum of 3 catches before closing and a maximum of 6.

Players are more likely to catch fish from Fishing Spots than anything else, and Rare fish are more likely to be caught. Weapons from Fishing Spots will only be Rare rarity or greater. And players don’t have to worry about Fishing Spots giving them ammo instead of something more valuable.

Lastly, Pro Rods will spawn more frequently from barrels and chests. This will allow players to catch even better loot from open waters and fishing holes. When taking a closer look at fishing week, this could have a major impact on gameplay.

This week’s Wild Week’s Quest has arrived so get ready to go fishin’ 🎣

Reel in the aquatic goods with the help of more abundant fishing gear and prime fishing conditions!

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The best way to get loot before Fish Fiesta Wild Week was by entering buildings and opening chests. However, with the increased rarity of weapons and heals, fishing is king for the next seven days. There’s no chance of getting grey or green weapons from fishing spots, and the healing fish are much faster than potions or bandages.

Players should expect hot drop locations to change from Pleasant Park and Retail Row to more aquatic destinations like Sweaty Sands, Lazy Lake, and Dirty Docks. It’s time to grab a pole, get fishing, and gear up.


Beast Boy is coming to Fortnite to assist Raven on her journey. Here’s how to unlock all of their cosmetic items.


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May 10, 2021

Epic Games has announced that another member of the Teen Titans, Beast Boy, will be coming to Fortnite. Players can earn exclusive Beast Boy and Raven cosmetics by competing in an upcoming tournament.

Beast Boy and Raven are long-standing members of the DC superhero group the Teen Titans. Raven was revealed to be in Fortnite at the start of Chapter 2 Season 6. She can be unlocked as a playable character by reaching tier 72 of this season’s Battle Pass.

The appearance of Batman and several other DC characters has also been a large focus of Season 6. Now, a couple of members of the Teen Titans are being highlighted as Beast Boy enters the mix. Fortnite teased his appearance through a series of comic panels and has officially revealed his cosmetic set.

Earning Beast Boy & Raven cosmetics

Just like Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, Beast Boy’s cosmetic set is up for grabs as a part of an upcoming tournament. However, there are other rewards that don’t require a top-placing position to earn. There are also exclusive rewards that can only be obtained by participating in the tourney.

The Teen Titans Cup is a Duos tournament set to take place on May 12. Players who participate in the tourney will earn the Raven Spray. Players who earn 8 points of more will unlock the BBRae Loading Screen. And the top placing teams will be rewarded with the Beast Boy Outfit and Couch Titan Back Bling.

For those who don’t manage to come out on top, there’s still a way to get the Beast Boy set. While the loading screen and spray are exclusive to the tourney, the Beast Boy set will be for sale in the Item Shop on May 13.

The Beast Boy skin comes with two styles and a built-in emote. The set also includes the BB’s Beast Bat pickaxe which can only be obtained by purchasing it in the item shop. All three items can be purchased as a discounted bundle once the cosmetics release.

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