Bowen Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects of This Technique

One author street tests this delicate option in contrast to alleviating torment – and this is actually her opinion.

At the point when I disclose to my accomplice that my correct knee is sore and I likewise have a shooting torment in my correct crotch, he simply reveals to me I’m going downhill. Acknowledging I will discover neither compassion nor an answer from that quarter, I choose to attempt Bowen treatment. This is a recuperating strategy that is compelling for solid skeletal issues including knee and back agony, and frozen shoulder.

At first, the expert gets some information about my side effects and afterward requests that I lie face down on the back rub table. The treatment is performed through dress, albeit weighty jumpers or coats should be taken out. He makes two little changes by the muscles on one or the other side of my lower spine and leaves the room. A few minutes after the fact, he several little changes by my center back and exits once more.


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