Meet the Filmmakers Behind Target & NBCUniversal’s Scene in Color Film Series


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If you’re looking for inspiring new films to watch, Target & NBCUniversal have you covered this summer. 

Last night, during the This Is Us finale, Target & NBCUniversal announced their Scene in Color Film Series. Hosted by award-winning producer Will Packer, the series celebrates the stories of three emerging BIPOC filmmakers.

Featuring compelling stories like the experience of Hiplet ballerinas, a Black woman’s journey to self-love and a Black girl taking her future into her own hands, the series spotlights excellence in entertainment and supports a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Target’s “Scene in Color” Gives All Voices a Chance to Be Heard

This summer, you’ll learn more about these three up-and-coming filmmakers during movie nights on USA, Bravo, and SYFY. You’ll also be able to watch their short films, along with bonus content on Peacock, OneApp Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango Movieclips. As we eagerly wait for the series to premiere across NBCUniversal, scroll below for more information on the filmmakers and their inspiring short films!

Target x NBCU Scene In Color Film Series

The Film: Hiplet: Because We Can showcases a group of Chicago-based dancers who are on a mission to bring Hiplet, a form of dance that fuses classical pointe technique with hip-hop and urban dance styles, to people across the globe. The music video and documentary hybrid not only introduces audiences to the art of Hiplet, but the short film allows the dancers to address the common misconceptions behind the dance style and the criticism they face from those who do not consider Hiplet to be ballet.

Target x NBCU Scene In Color Film Series

Meet the Filmmaker: After discovering Hiplet through the Instagram Explore page, director and producer Addison Wright was inspired to create a video that showcased the talent and experience of the Hiplet ballerinas. After learning more about the dance style from its founder Homer Hans Bryant, Wright got to work on Hiplet: Because We Can, which was later chosen as SXSW 2020 Official Selection film. When Wright is not filming his own projects, he works as a video producer at the Museum of Science and History in Chicago.

Target x NBCU Scene In Color Film Series

The Film: To The Girl That Looks Like Me celebrates Black women, their culture, self-love and self-discovery. The experimental poetry piece features a poem written by the film’s creator Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah. In an effort to bring attention to her culture’s hairstyles and how they change based on “who is wearing them and what they are saying when they’re wearing them,” Ewurakua’s short film depicts a Black girl’s journey from a sense of otherness to wholeness.


Meet the Filmmaker: Inspired by non-BIPOC celebrities appropriating Black culture through sensationalizing boxer braids, Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah combined her upbringing, culture and love for poetry to inspire other Black women to claim their space within the industry and world. The spoken-word piece features scenes filmed at meaningful locations like Ewurakua’s church, the hill next to her high school and old studio.

Kristian King

The Film: Twice As Good follows Ann Pearson, a Black high school senior and valedictorian, on College Decision Day. Pressured by her mother, teachers and peers, Ann is forced to muster up the courage to reveal her decision about her future, but it’s one that no one was expecting.


Meet the Filmmaker: Inspired by Black stories that explore beyond stereotypical Black storylines and her own decision to pursue film over medicine, Kristian King‘s short film celebrates Black joy and a relatable dilemma individuals face regardless of color. With Twice As Good, Kristian was motivated to create a cast that was diverse and normalized several Black individuals pursuing higher education at prestigious universities. Looking at the future, Kristian plans to create her own feature film and television pilot.

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