10 PC Games Unlike Any Others

The case when the developers had enough imagination and skill to create something really unique.

Literally, every modern game copies many gameplay elements, visual style, or even storytelling from competitors — which is why many releases seem secondary. Developers don’t risk big budgets by creating something new and amazing using proven mechanics and solutions. Fortunately, if you wish, you can still find releases, passing through which the gamer will discover something amazing that others do not have. However, this will have to take a lot of time – unique games are actually quite a few. On the other hand, you do not need to engage in this search – I have already found everything.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Battle Royale in today’s video game market wagon and small cart, but Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout against the background of classic shooters looks much more attractive. The basic mechanics of knocking out players on each of the laps have not gone away, but instead of firearms, the gamer will use cunning, agility, and tactics. Somewhere to slow down, the block knocked down the opponent, somewhere to push, somewhere to wait. At the same time, there is just an insane number of levels with various obstacles, and all of them can both cheer up and spoil the nerves – it is very disappointing when you are thrown overboard on the way to victory.


The journey itself is quite fascinating – the main character, the man in the cloak, needs to get to a high mountain, simultaneously coping with various difficulties. In addition, the game has the opportunity to connect to the online, meeting other gamers, that’s to find out their name, talk or thank for help can not – the characters, except screaming, here are mute. And only at the end of the passage in the credits, the gamer can find out who exactly helped him and with whom he met on the way of his journey. An extremely unusual way to implement multiplayer, but, on the other hand, it immediately solved the problem of toxicity.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Usually the player controls only one character in the virtual world, and if there are several heroes, the developer introduces a cooperative element of the passage. But in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the authors decided to do otherwise, allowing the gamer to control two heroes simultaneously. The mechanics are unusual and extremely rare – you need to train the fine motor skills of the hands to control the heroes and solve various puzzles. And if on a smartphone, for example, it is quite simple, then on a gamepad or keyboard with a mouse, the task is much more complicated. And about the storyline and not worth talking about – it deserves special praise.

Life Is Strange

The genre of interactive cinema has not been particularly favored lately, but Life Is Strange has managed to convince the audience. The whole point is that every decision made by a gamer has weight – this directly affects the development of events. In addition, the main character has the opportunity to return time to the gamer, choose another answer option, assess the plot’s development, or choose the correct outcome that he likes best. This makes the project unique – usually, in games, the decisions made cannot be rolled back, correcting the existing plot, and in Life Is Strange, this mechanic is fundamental.

Portal 2

Despite the fact that Portal 2 was released back in 2011, it is still one of the most unusual puzzles on the video game market. The gameplay is based on a special device that allows you to create portals in space – thanks to this, the gamer can overcome various difficulties on his way. And, of course, if you want, you can create an endless portal, falling between the space without stopping – it’s a lot of fun. And there is a cooperative mode in which the storyline and gameplay change dramatically. The best proof that Valve once knew how to make games.

Death Stranding

Initially, many people expected something more from Death Stranding than a walking simulator through the vast expanses. However, in fact, Hideo Kojima still showed something that no other game in the world has. He implemented in a single game where there is no multiplayer, the connection between players – the gamer can leave, for example, a ladder or a cable that will appear in other players’ worlds, helping them overcome obstacles and save resources. It turns out a kind of social assistance in the project, where it is impossible to meet another player. It is due to this that Death Stranding attracts attention – in terms of gameplay, it is unique.

Untitled Goose Game

Usually the mechanics of stealth passage are used in RPGs or shooters, but the authors of this game decided to try something different – the main character, a goose, must hide and cheat to cause as much harm to people as possible. Yes, the main character here is not a hero at all, but rather a pest who wreaks havoc and devastation while bringing the gamer a lot of pleasure and joy. The player needs to steal their things from people imperceptibly while trying not to catch the eye of eyewitnesses, make loud sounds, break, destroy and run around the locations searching for adventure—just a great option for those who want to pour out negativity.

Outer Wilds

That’s not to say that the mechanics of Groundhog Day are actually new, but in video games, it is almost not used. And Outer Wilds is a vivid example of what is in vain – the developers took as a basis the mechanics of constant rebirth, which the audience liked very much. In total, the gamer has 22 minutes to solve the mystery from the beginning, after which the star explodes, destroying all the planets in the system, and you start from the very beginning. The gamer needs to explore the virtual world, learn something new between restarts to solve the mystery, and get out of the vicious circle. And in fact, it’s so exciting that Outer Wilds even won a sea of awards.

This War of Mine

Almost always in games about war, the gamer fights with enemies, kill and captures, but in This War of Mine, the gameplay radically differs from its counterparts in the genre. The gameplay is built on survival in the blockade. In contrast, night and day, the gameplay is different, and even with each launch of a new game, the interaction with the characters changes and the conditions in which the main characters begin their journey. Additionally, the developers have introduced a system of moral choice when the gamer needs to go to terrible things solely for the sake of survival—a rather unusual approach to both game mechanics and plot presentation.

Dead Cells

Initially, Dead Cells was created in the genre of Tower Defense, but at some point, the developers abruptly changed course, releasing a “bagel” with elements of RPG and platformer. The virtual world in this game is formed randomly, and the player’s life is only one – after each defeat, everything begins from the very beginning. With other locations, items in hiding places, opponents, obstacles, and difficulties. That is, literally, every race in Dead Cells will be different from hundreds or even thousands of previous gaming sessions, making the game unique in a certain sense. And for a good reason, it has 89 points on Metacritic.