25 Easy Soup Recipes For When You Need a Hot Soup Facial, Stat

When it’s technically spring but it doesn’t feel like spring (which, let’s be real, can be the majority of this sham of a season), you need easy soup recipes. You’re not about to spend all evening babysitting broth, but you still want that feeling of leaning over a simmering pot, letting the moisture cleanse and hydrate your pores. (No? Not into it? Just us?)

That’s where these 25 easy soup recipes come in. They’re Basically all-stars. With big flavor and short ingredient lists, they’re impressive enough to serve to friends but casual enough to slurp loudly when no one’s around to criticize. Gather your blankets, light a candle, and queue up your favorite TV show. On this ol’ website, spring might be a lie but soup season is forever.

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