Alice Englert, Nicolas Denton to portray lovers in Starz series, ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

May 20 (UPI) — Alice Englert and Nicholas Denton will star as lovers in the new Starz original series, Dangerous Liaisons, the streaming platform announced Thursday.

The series is based on Pierre Laclos’ novel Dangerous Liaisons, about Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont who meet as young lovers in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution. Then, they rise from the Paris slums to the aristocracy, “seducing and manipulating both the nobility and each other,” Starz noted.

In the “bold reimagining,” of the novel, Merteuil’s character is renamed as Camille, and the male lover is Pascal Valmont, a statement from the streaming platform shows.

Englert (Beautiful Creatures, Ratched) will star as Camille, a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past, and Denton (Glitch, Pillars) will play her lover Pascal Valmont, who is driven to regain the aristocratic title and status his stepmother stole after his father’s death, Starz announced in the statement.

“Betrayed by her lover, Valmont, she [Camille] turns heartbreak into empowerment as she strategizes to gain status power and freedom,” the statement said. “Without status or money, he [Valmont] must seduce and blackmail to get what he wants, even if it risks losing the one he loves most — Camille.”

Leonora Lonsdale (The Pale Horse, Beast) will direct the first four episodes of the season.

Harriet Warner (Tell Me Your Secrets, Call the Midwife), wrote and created the series and also serves as executive producer.

Lionsgate Television and Playground produced the series for Starz.

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