Computer Vision-Based Device Helps Shoot Games: Especially Effective On Consoles

Here comes- THE NEW ERA OF CHEATING, which cannot be blocked by the usual definition of running auxiliary software!

Cheats are not news to anyone – enthusiasts worldwide release various types of software for both single and multiplayer games to provide the user with an advantage. This is especially popular in shooters, where the ability to look through walls or shoot more precisely gives a significant advantage over the opponent. And now the cheats are reaching a completely new level. Some craftsmen created a special CVCheat device to help the user bring the sight to the enemy without using any software introduced into the game itself. That is, in fact, it is impossible to determine the cheat somehow and punish the player for this.

Demonstration of the device in the last part of Call of Duty in multiplayer

The authors of the project even shared how this device works. Actually, CVCheat is an advanced video capture card – the gamer connects it to his computer or game console via HDMI so that the gadget can track the frames transmitted by the video card to the monitor. Further, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine vision, the device launches an algorithm for detecting objects to “see” enemies on the gamer’s screen and determine the location of the character’s body parts. The fact is that CVCheat software can determine the head, body, and legs of the enemy (the player can adjust which part of the body needs to bring the sight to).

Additionally, the device uses an input function that simulates the movement of a mouse or gamepad to bring the sight to the target and make a shot. In fact, it turns out that the gamer needs to connect the gadget to the system and choose which part of the body will bring the CVCheat sight. After that, you can take, for example, a sniper rifle and go into battle – the system itself will bring the sight to the enemy’s head and make a shot. The player only needs to point the screen at opponents. And, of course, no anti-cheat system will identify this device or punish the gamer as no interference in the game code occurs. For console owners who are not used to playing on the gamepad, this is a real gift.