In Pennsylvania, an electric car Tesla Model S Plaid caught fire on the move

In the city of Haverford, Pennsylvania, there was a fire electric car Tesla Model S Plaid. As a result, the driver was trapped for a while. The local fire department reports this. At the same time, the lawyer of the car owner said that the electric car “spontaneously ignited.”

Firefighters from the Gladwin and Lower Merion departments quickly arrived at the scene. Firefighters have been trained on how to respond to a fire on Tesla car batteries. They “laid a 5-inch supply pipeline to the scene to maintain a constant flow of water to the fire to extinguish the fire and cool the batteries until full extinguishment is ensured,” Gladvin Fire Department said in a statement. The driver was rescued, there were no reports of injuries.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is a high-end ultra-fast version of the original electric sedan. Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a presentation last month during which he announced the first deliveries to customers of the $130,000 car, according to lawyer Ben Meyselas, who works for a company representing an unnamed car owner, the Model S Plaid was one of the first 250 cars shipped to customers.

“This is a sad and frightening situation and an obvious serious problem,” said Mark Geragos, another attorney representing the owner of the car. “Our preliminary investigation is ongoing, but we are calling on Tesla to recall these vehicles until a full investigation is conducted.”

Tesla claims that its cars are the safest globally and annually reports statistics on the fire of its vehicles, which are much lower than those of cars with a gasoline engine. However, electric vehicle fires have become the subject of increased attention as more and more of these vehicles appear on the roads. Rescue services conduct special training for their personnel so that rescuers know how to handle the ignition of electric vehicle batteries since some traditional methods cannot extinguish them.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment on the incident. This is not surprising given that the company has dissolved its public relations department and has not responded to a single request in the last 2 years.

Source: The Verge