Instagram launched a new feature

Social network Instagram is launching a new Security Checkup feature aimed at making user accounts more secure, the company said.”Today we are launching the Security Checkup, a new feature that will help people protect their Instagram accounts. The Security Checkup will offer people whose accounts may have been compromised to go through the steps necessary to secure their account,” the social network said.

With the help of the new feature, users whose accounts, according to the social network, may have been hacked will be able to check whether they were logged into the account, ensure that the data on the page is correct, confirm interaction with other profiles, and update contact information to restore their account.

The release clarifies that Security Checkup is one of the ways to ensure account security. Instagram also recommends using two-factor identification for account security, adding a phone number and mail so that the social network can contact the user if necessary and restore the account.