Mother and son rescued from slavery meet after 31 years of separation

In Bijie, China, Guizhou Province, separated for 31 years, mother and son met face to face for the first time and were able to hug each other. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

In 1990, three-year-old Tao Xiaobing and his mother were kidnapped and sold into slavery to a family in Shandong province. After a few months, the woman managed to escape. She could not pick up the child right away and returned for him after a while. However, he was not there. The Chinese woman tried to find her son, but the search did not bring any results.

Meanwhile, Xiaobing continued to work and care for the children and older people of the family, which took him into slavery. Later, a couple of spouses from Shandong found out about the boy and adopted him.

According to the Chinese, all these years, he did not forget about his own mother and came up with a plan for finding her. The adoptive parents were against their meeting and, in every possible way, dissuaded the young man from looking.

In 2021, Xiaobing, who managed to have children of his own, began looking for his mother with the help of volunteers. Soon he received data on the whereabouts of a woman similar to his parent. The DNA test results confirmed the relationship, and the man went to meet his mother in Guizhou.

On June 26, the long-awaited meeting took place after 31 years of separation. The touching moment of the family’s reunion was captured on video.

According to estimates from the 2018 Global Slavery Index, there were 3.8 million people living in slavery in China.