Man lost part of his skull and died after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca

In the UK, a man suffering from excruciating headaches after being vaccinated against COVID-19 died after surgeons had to remove part of his skull. The British tabloid Mirror reports it.

The story of the man’s sudden death was told to the publication by his fiancée Vikki Spit. Zion, a 48-year-old lover who has always been in “extreme health”, began experiencing severe headaches eight days after being vaccinated against the coronavirus with AstraZeneca, she said. Because of this complication, the man could not get out of bed or sleep so she called an ambulance for her fiance.

The paramedic who arrived suggested that Zion had migraine attacks on the background of the vaccinations. However, a few days later, the man’s condition worsened significantly. He had the first seizure, similar, according to the girl, to a stroke. In the ambulance, urgently taking him to the hospital, the seizure recurred.

Doctors had to carry out an emergency operation on the man. The neurosurgeon who directed the medical intervention said he had to remove Zion’s “massive piece of the skull” because “the pressure on his brain was enormous.”

“They said that they had never seen anything like it. They said that he is unlikely to wake up after the operation, and if this happens, he will be in a vegetative state. Doctors believe that the AstraZeneca vaccine caused all this, ”Vicky Spit told the publication.

The tabloid notes that an investigation will be conducted into the death of the man. It was previously established that he died due to irreversible traumatic brain injury caused by hemorrhage due to complications after vaccination against COVID-19.

Vicky declared that the loss of her lover completely crushed her. The couple met at a London rock club over three decades ago and got engaged in 2019. Zion and Vicky were due to get married in April 2021 but were forced to postpone the event due to restrictions amid the coronavirus. Sleep said they were inseparable. In the last 20 years before Zion’s death, the couple spent only one night apart.

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