The Most Beautiful Roads In The World


Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Is this a rollercoaster or a road? Actually it’s a little of both! It goes through the side of the majestic Taihang Mountains in the Henan Province, China. Expect a thrilling and intense drive. This is one of the steepest roads on the planet and it has the nickname ‘the road that tolerates no mistakes’. You can see why! Driving it is a bit of a white-knuckle adventure and not for the timid.

Guoliang Tunnel Road was carved by a team of 13 workers in the 1970s. Impressively they only had chisels and hammers, no drills or power tools at all. The road connects Guoliang, a remote village, with the rest of China.

by Imaginechina-Editorial/Depositphotos