New plan could give you a $300 stimulus check every month – forever

New plan could give you a $300 stimulus check every month – forever

Democrats are pushing hard for Americans to get new stimulus checks, beyond the mix of direct payments and tax credits made possible by the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief legislation that President Biden signed into law last month. And a new plan that Democrats have latched on to might actually have more of a chance of coming to fruition since it doesn’t represent another stimulus check that’s labeled as such, along the lines of the $1,400 payments that started going out a few weeks ago — payments that comprised the third wave of such payments since the coronavirus pandemic began.

No, in this case, Democrats want to extend one particular aspect made possible by Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus legislation: The already-expanded federal child tax credit. This particular benefit gives families as much as $3,600 in new stimulus checks over the course of a year for each eligible child, via monthly checks that will start in July, and those checks are what some Democrats now want to make permanent. How does that sound to those of you who are parents? If you have children, you’d get a check from the government for each one — forever.

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