The 5 Most Shocking Scandals in Boxing History

Proficient Boxing is known as the “Sweet Science”, however debasement, an absence of a focal administering body, and the ascent of MMA have taken steps to end this wonderful game. Super battles actually get immense incomes, however they are rare. We investigate 10 occasions that have added to the ruin.

5 International Boxing Federation Scandal

The IBF, among different elements, is a significant authorizing body that is situated in New Jersey. How boxing works is: each authorizing body has a hero. Champions are just permitted to battle fighters positioned in the main 15. Positioning councils figure out who gets positioned. Positioning advisory group administrators have the last say and are famously corruptible. In November 1999, IBF president Bob Lee Sr. was prosecuted and sentenced on various racketeering charges. Lee was contriving with his rankings executive, C. Douglass Beavers, to fix the rankings framework to support fighters whose advertisers and overseers offered them monetary incentives. The team regularly took a huge number of dollars from any semblance of Don King and Cedric Kushner, as a trade-off for misleadingly blowing up the rankings of their warriors. Advertisers who didn’t pay didn’t see title battles. The outcome was: a totally bad framework that was not at all dependent on legitimacy. Another bruised eye for boxing.


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