How Long Will Bobby Lashley Hold WWE Championship on Raw?


Bobby Lashley‘s journey to the WWE Championship was surprisingly rocky. At 6’3″ 273 pounds, he is a huge athlete who should have been the ideal man for WWE to run with as a world champion.

However, without a strong manager, he never quite made it to the peak until MVP came into the equation. His inclusion with The All Mighty pushed Lashley to the WWE Championship, and he has looked absolutely dominant ever since.

His main competition, Drew McIntyre, is another veteran that took far too long to become a world champion. The two have been butting heads ever since The All Mighty stole the title away from McIntyre through the intermediary of The Miz.

The question lingers much like it did for The Scottish Warrior: How far can Lashley go? Will he hold the championship through WWE SummerSlam? Survivor Series? All the way to the next WrestleMania?

It is all a matter of what WWE sees in Lashley, who has more than earned a dominant run as world champion after years of misuse.

The First Hurdle: McIntyre

The Scottish Warrior was crowned as the top star on Monday Night Raw when he defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, and he has been involved in every WWE Championship match on pay-per-view since.

It is clear that WWE values McIntyre as the top babyface of the company. With SmackDown running with Roman Reigns as the top heel, Raw has the most well established good guy on either brand.

It can be tough for WWE to let a heel run dominant over the top guy in the company for too long. At every stage, McIntyre has been the closest to dethroning Lashley, but he has also fallen short. It feels like The All Mighty is safe, but he has to face The Scottish Warrior at least one more time.

An Underdog Hero: Kofi Kingston

While The All Mighty has dominated the world title scene, one man has been allowed to pin him: Kofi. The former champion has a long legacy in WWE, but he has just one world title to his name.

He comes off more as a stopgap challenger to Lashley, but it is still possible Kofi could defeat The All Mighty and get one more run with the gold. The Miz recently had short run, and Kofi could have something similar.

At most, this would likely be a situation where Kofi defeated Lashley then lost to him at the next PPV booking that would echo McIntyre’s two reigns as WWE champion.

The Familiar Face: Lesnar

The Beast Incarnate is the most dominant champion in the modern WWE. His reigns as world champion lasted longer than just about anyone else could manage, and he repeatedly overwhelmed top contenders, even well established ones.

Lashley vs. Lesnar is a match that many have been clambering for. The only problem was that The All Mighty was never built well enough for it. At this point, it is not only believable Lashley could compete with Lesnar but beat him.

The Beast Incarnate may be more interested in competing in SmackDown where his manager Paul Heyman is working, but The Beast Incarnate could genuinely run Raw again if he wanted to.

Other Potential Contenders: Randy Orton, Sheamus, Damian Priest, Keith Lee

There are plenty of interesting contenders for Lashley, but few have been built yet for it. The Viper can strike at any time, and he’s only a couple of wins away from tying Ric Flair and John Cena’s world title record.

More interesting options include Sheamus, who has been on the best run of his career, Priest, who has the size and build to challenge The All Mighty and Lee, who is the rare wrestler who has been established as having Lashley’s number.

Of the options, The Archer of Infamy and The Limitless One are the most interesting, but neither are ready for a while. Lee has not even been able to wrestle since early 2021.

When Will Lashley Lose the WWE Championship?

It does not feel like the time is coming soon. The All Mighty has looked phenomenal against everyone. He needs to overcome McIntyre to solidify his reign. Kofi is a filler challenger. The Beast Incarnate should only be returning to put over Lashley.

Where things get interesting is later in the year around WWE Survivor Series. That show has seen multiple titles change hands in short succession to make the ideal Raw vs. SmackDown pairing. The WWE draft is also around that same time.

It is likely The All Mighty will find himself without the gold around November. The best bet would be that Lashley will lose the WWE Championship in late October at whatever PPV comes post-WWE draft.

Someone from SmackDown drafted to Raw such as Big E, Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins would get a fresh start by defeating The All Mighty then challenge the likely still dominant champion The Head of the Table at Survivor Series.

Hopefully, by that time, Lashley will be fully established as a main event star, and it will not be long before he regains the gold again. He should be a main event talent for the rest of his run in WWE.

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