A Falcon 9 rocket made an uncontrolled re-entry last night

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that launched almost a month ago made an uncontrolled re-entry last night and a bunch of people got footage of it. Normally the rocket’s second stage relights and pushes it down so that it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere into the Pacific Ocean. However, there wasn’t enough propellant after this launch, leaving the second stage orbiting for three weeks until it was pulled into Earth’s upper atmosphere.

This was, however, simply the Falcon 9 rocket’s second stage–which weighs about four metric tons unfueled–breaking apart in the atmosphere and burning up. It is likely that the second stage completely broke apart over the Rocky Mountains near the United States and Canadian border.

If you didn’t know it was a rocket burning up in the atmosphere you might think it was an alien invasion. There’s actually nothing to say it’s not an alien invasion except for Elon Musk’s word. And for all we know he is an alien so, I mean, this is all pretty convenient. Guess I’ll see you guys in the alien zoos once the invasion is complete?

Another great video of the Falcon 9 rocket second stage streaking across the Pacific Northwest skies tonight after failing to make a deorbit burn.

KOMO News viewer Brent Marshall shot this video from a football field in Wilsonville, Oregon tonight. pic.twitter.com/ZytHvBrDD4

— Preston Phillips (@PrestonTVNews) March 26, 2021

Keep going for some more videos.

#BREAKING UPDATE: This is new video just in from KOMO News viewer Amy Warren from West Seattle showing what @NWSSeattle now says is the debris from a Falcon 9 rocket 2nd stage that did not successfully have a deorbit burn. pic.twitter.com/TOtvPDwA2w

— Preston Phillips (@PrestonTVNews) March 26, 2021

DID YOU SEE THIS? I have never in my life seen something so incredible. I am in awe. Just happened over Portland about 10 minutes ago. #LiveOnK2 pic.twitter.com/L9wLEXBrcW

— Genevieve Reaume (@GenevieveReaume) March 26, 2021

Ummm… just caught this flying over my home in SW Portland. pic.twitter.com/CvQJwvWsyj

— Vince LaVecchia (@vincelavecchia) March 26, 2021

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