The pyramid-shaped UFO was probably just bokeh

Because the internet ruins everything fun, YouTube skeptic and debunker Mick West released this video explaining that the pyramid-shaped UFO video released by the navy is actually probably just bokeh from a night-vision camera.

New reference footage from night vision monoculars (including the military standard PVS-14) demonstrates pretty conclusively that the supposed flying pyramid UFO actually looks exactly like a slightly out of focus light in the sky – quite possibly just a plane, as the ship was right under a flight path for LAX.

Some of the other lights are identified as Jupiter and some stars.

I don’t think that means the Navy got it terribly wrong. This was initially unidentified (with the UAP Task Force Investigates), and they maybe even thought it was a triangle for a few minutes. But it’s not. It’s just some lights in the sky.

We’ve already established that the military is filming UFOs with their lowest quality potatoes, so it makes sense that all of these UFO sightings are just misidentified video artifacts. It is extremely telling that even in the modern age not a single UFO video has been shot with more clarity than a Game Boy Camera.

Keep going for the full debunking video. His case is too solid so I’m willing to accept this UFO video isn’t real, but obviously all the other ones are.

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