The Funniest Posters Ever Spotted on the Streets


No Parking Yesterday

This is tricky to get your brain around. Time Cop isn’t being very useful here though. Because his warnings come too late, they are of no use to anybody. Actually this neighborhood might not be lucky in that regard whatsoever. They seem to be wasting their money on a Time Cop who’s as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Perhaps the future will yield a superior version of Time Cop, at least one who knows how to predict the future not just the past. That would be a great way of avoiding those pesky parking tickets. Another idea would be, well, learning where you can and cannot park.

So have you seen any funny posters in your neighborhood lately? Perhaps you spotted something which brought a smile to your face or even caused a full belly laugh. You might think some people don’t have much to do but the truth is there are plenty of funny folk who also love to make others laugh by sharing the fun!