Weird Things You Can Only See at Your Local Grocery Store


Very Committed

Since the week only has 7 days, this store has to be very committed to open 9 days a week. Is this a typo or is this store just trying to communicate their earnest wish to go above and beyond for their customers?

We can think of a third possibility though, which is the store wants to open 6 days a week and somebody put the ‘6’ on upside down. Somebody is going to get into trouble for that, although it looks like nobody (except this eagle-eyed photographer) seems to have even noticed. 

So what is the strangest thing you have witnessed in the grocery store? Have you perhaps spotted someone with an unusual pet or in a crazy outfit? Perhaps you have seen someone still in their pajamas, slippers and bathrobe or maybe you saw something else. 

One thing for sure is everyone who works in a supermarket has their own stories about unusual customers, both of the human variety and the furred or feathered kind!

We aren’t sure why grocery stores, malls and supermarkets bring out the ‘weird’ in people but it can certainly liven up an otherwise dull visit. So the next time you are heading out to the store, make sure you keep your eyes peeled and your camera handy. You literally never know what you are going to see in there!